Al-Ashraf Shrines

“Al Ashraf Street [in Cairo] leads to midan Sayeda Nafisa. The street is about 4 meters wide and on one side has little shops (barber, café, refreshments, etc) while on the other the street is lined by some of Medieval Cairo’s many shrines, mosques and historic houses in between more recent self-built houses….on the surface of things it is a typical “Islamic Cairo” street: there is a strong neighborhood feel, seems to be ignored by authorities and any updates seem to have been carried out with very limited resources by residents, there are amazing architectural gems and historic monuments, some of those such as the mosques of Nafisa and Fatma are in good shape because they are religious shrines and must have some kind of endowment or are looked after by the Awqaf ministry, other medieval or historic buildings are unlabeled, unidentified, neglected, some contemporary shanty structures have climbed over the historic fabric, utilities and basic services such as trash collection seem to not exist.”—Mohamed Elshahed, “Al-Ashraf Street,” Cairobserver (Cairobserver: Al-Ashraf Street).

Another source on the Al-Ashraf sites/shrines in Egypt: Al-Ashraf Shrines in Cairo

A further page on the Al-Ashraf shrines elsewhere: Al-Ashraf Shrines




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