This is an attempt to (re)assemble anthropological and historical traces of Egypt, and by virtue of its entanglements in multiple other “Overlapping Territories [and] Intertwined Histories” (Edward Said), of the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Europe, whenever pertinent. It is a work of actual and potential realities and imaginaries, alternative epistemologies, networks of human and non-human agencies, philosophies, method(ologie)s, and an ongoing intervention that seeks to (un)learn what we conventionally know. In effect, it is an engagement that is in medias res.


Reader’s Manual

In this blog, you’ll stumble upon a motley of traces that range from clippings from various internet sources, fragments of texts (including quotes from scholarly books and articles), and audio/visual items, to relatively longer posts written by the blogger herself. In this sense, you’ll encounter both the analytical pieces and ones that are simply shared without additional thorough reflection but are highlighted for the reader as pointers.


(Header image source: “Egypt Stereoviews: Underwood & Underwood” Exhibition photo, AUC Rare Books and Special Collections Library)